Life experiences /Education

Mary Spicer, also know by her Comcast TV name as Kat Spice, has held a public office and provided notarization services for Richmond/ Tri-Cities area since 2015. Recognized member of the American Association Of Notaries since 2015. Recently, an active member of DocVerify for remote notary services. Bachelor Of Science in Information Systems and Cybersecurity (2015). Passionate member of the US Press Association since (2015). Versed in over a 100 different dietary theories throughout her Health Coaching Certification through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition located in New York (2016). Studying and practicing an herbalist ( Richmond Herbalism Guild Member 2016 ) lifestyle of natural remedies and adapting to vegetarian eating habits has enabled Ms.Spicer to overcome the elevated diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and gall bladder risks that exists in her genetic profile. She healed and eliminated her own problematic leaky-gut issues that once baffled the gastrointestinal specialists. Ms.Spicer takes her unique approach to health and wellness to a higher level of expectation that far exceeds above and beyond. Submit or schedule your health history session today ( via skype, social media or in person). It's FREE, you will receive The 3 Key Points on how to increase the odds in your favor, based on your health history. A happier, healthier version of you awaits.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" - B. Franklin